Keeping your stuff safe when you are travelling


We all have lockers and special drawers in our cupboards where we think our valuables will always stay safe. The fact however is, if a robber manages to enter your home, these are amongst the first places they will start their search from. Check out best gun safe under $500. Thus to keep valuables safe you need to be a little creative. Whether you are on a vacation, at the gym, at the beach, or even at your home, you can use some ordinary objects to keep your valuables protected. Without wait, let us get to learn about 4 such objects or ways that surely will help keep your precious belonging safe always.


1. Feminine hygiene box


Well, you surely must never have imagined you would do anything like this and nor will the robbers. People usually will not even look at the tampon or female napkin boxes until they really need to, and thus this is a perfect place to hide some jewelry or cash. Make sure you fill the box with the hygiene products properly and somewhere in between hide your precious belongings.

2. Empty jars and bottles


Yet another place to keep valuables safe is your empty spice jar or shampoo/conditioner bottle. These are a few items that no burglar will ever be interested in checking. However, if you plan to use a conditioner/shampoo bottle make sure you clean it well and make it dry before you add your valuables.


If you plan to use your empty spice jar, add a little glue inside the jar and coat it with a little herb or spice to give the impression of the jar still being full. After this, place your belongings in a plastic bag, keep it inside the jar, and keep the jar next to the other spice jars in your kitchen.

3. Wear you precious items


If you plan to travel then the best way to keep your passport, money, and other items safe is by keeping it close to your body. For women, it is a good idea to keep some stuff in their bra, but there also are other money pouches that you can wear underneath your clothes or can wear them around your waist or neck.


4. Special places in your car


Empty drink cups or soda cans are the best way to keep little things safe in your car. You can get one of the specially created soda can safe that have been made to fool the burglars. You may even place some items in between your seat cushions or underneath your floor mats. Another great idea would be to glue two identical floor mats just leaving a little space in between to slip in precious items.


These are just a few interesting ideas to keep your valuables protected, and you can always use your creativity and come up with other unique ways to keep your belongings safe all the time.


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